Adore Your Core: Pilates

Adore Your Core: Pilates

When I first moved to Miami, I ended my Equinox membership and focused on individual classes. I went to classes all over the city and then I discovered JetSet. From the moment I stepped into that JetSet studio I knew this was the workout for me. Challenging, Yes! But there is a reason why people struggle through the class yet return religiously.

If you’re not familiar with Pilates, it is basically a series of full-body exercises developed by Joseph Pilates with the aim of improving overall strength, flexibility, and well-being while decreasing ailments like back pain. With JetSet Pilates get ready to take your body to new limits. This high intensity megreformer class will not only challenge your core but also kick your ass. They key to making it though this workout is balance, strength and focus. The DNA of JetSet is that you are moving meticulously. With most workouts, the philosophy is usually ‘the faster the better,'” but this isn’t the case for JetSet (unless your doing mountain climbers) By moving slowly, you activate your slow-twitch muscle fibers, thus leading to long, lean muscle development.

All of the instructors are amazing, but I usually stay loyal to the OG instructors Szabi and Elisa. They give a killer full body workout. What I love most about the studio is no class is ever the same, the instructors are always switching up the routine and the 50-minute non-stop workout transforms your mind and body. Pulling and pushing, stretching and squeezing, pulsing and holding, burning and sweating! Get ready to plank, pike and palm-beach crunch your way to a new body! This VIP workout is a must! and when I say VIP I mean very important purchase. It’s important that in order to see change you need to challenge yourself. Which means buy a package and commit to the work out! V(very) I (important) P (purchase) you won’t regret it.

Pilates is my happy hour.

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