Travel: Bamford Haybarn Spa

Travel: Bamford Haybarn Spa

Spiritually balanced, detoxified and revitalized is how I would sum up my experience at Bamford Haybarn. Located at 1 Hotel & Homes in Miami Beach this is the first-ever Haybarn spa in the US. Designed by luxury hotel and spa designer Spencer Fung, the spa incorporates 1 Hotels’ brand mission of sustainability into its design and décor. Bamford’s beautifully simple aesthetic is combined with the passionate belief that organic and natural products are better for us; “what goes on the body is as important as what we put inside”.

Now on to my treatment.. The Jade Hot + Cold Stone Massage:

After a quick change into robe and slippers, I was greeted by my therapist who led me  to our charming treatment room. First, she had me choose between 3 different oils then we started with a lovely long massage that incorporated shiatsu and swedish work. I would describe this part of the massage as deeply relaxing and uplifting as the next portion of the massage is meant to shock the body a bit with the transition between hot and cold stones.

This 80 min-full-body massage incorporates jade stones which are kept in a bath of ice and traditional black stones which are heated. The Jade stones are cut and polished in various shapes and sizes. Traditionally, jade has been used to attract love and prosperity. When used for a massage, Jade is a protective stone to heal stressed organs and discharge toxins. The jade stone is also supposed to slow down the aging process and strengthen the body’s natural defenses.

Whether you are a Miami native or here on vacation I’d say Bamford Haybarn is a very lovely addition to the Miami Beach spa scene. I recommend booking a late afternoon treatment then heading up to the hotels rooftop, watch the sunset and enjoy a glass of Rose. The signature aroma of geranium, lavender, and peppermint will leave a lasting impression long after you depart.

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